REZONING – *Rezoning applications deemed complete by Sarastoa County. A hearing was scheduled February 2017. Meadows Country Club signs agreement with a developer to build up to 180 new units. MCA Board votes not to move forward at its May Board meeting.


The Meadows celebrates its 25th Anniversary. (get a picture of the logo designed for this)


Renaissance Access Plan is implemented and rolled out to the community.

COVID-19 World Pandemic breaks out. In March businesses close, MCA closes the community center and works remotely . Extension of closing and a phased plan continues through September.

MCA and TMCC Strategic Planning Committee adopts new logo and branding for TMCC for one cohesive look representing a united voice within The Meadows.

A change in the management of TMCC is made. ICON steps in.


SEPT—The Meadows new branding is adopted and applied to The Meadoword and other MCA materials.

Meadoword undergoes a complete transformation based on Reader Satisfaction Survey, and debuts its new look in the September issue.

New 17th street entrance construction begins and is completed late fall of the same year.


The Meadows Renaissance Begins

The Meadows Community Association and The Meadows Country Club enter a strategic partnership to preserve the green space and future of the community. Signing this agreement serves to preserve the sprawling neighborhood’s three golf courses as well as the purchase of the land and buildings to lease back to the country club. The club will be operated by Billy Casper.

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