It Takes a Community

The Meadows was built on the foundation of volunteerism, teamwork and community commitment. Individual voices are heard and collectively we make a difference. Your voluntary donation gives back to the community to ensure it thrives and


Meadows Volunteers Making a Big Impact

COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENTS – While our long-term planning and capital expenditures are in place, your support is important for our forward progress. Your gift of a voluntary donation to support our community improvements will help us reach our shared vision.
If you wish to donate, select your preference below or
for those who wish to make a sizable donation involving a name dedication, please
Call MCA 941-377-2300

Select Where You Want to Help

General Donation

Your generous donation will go to MCA to improve the community where it will make the greatest impact.

Enhanced Landscaping

Donations in this area can be designated for specific locations in the community (see below).

Historic Marker

Your donation will help provide a Historical Marker for The Meadows from Sarasota County’s Historical Marker Program.

Pickleball Courts

Donations for this area will go towards building two additional Pickleball Courts.

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