•  October 7, 2021
     9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Presented by The Garden Club
Take a Walk in The Meadows with Hester Jeswald


Want to learn more about Florida gardening? Many of us who have arrived here from northern locations find Florida gardening quite challenging. Plants that thrive in a northern climate may not be able to here, or cannot survive the summer heat, pest problems or long dry spells. There are many beautiful Florida friendly plants that adapt to our climate and soil conditions and usually have fewer pest challenges. Hester will take you on a tour of the Memorial Garden, Butterfly Garden on Butterfly Lake and landscaped areas in The Meadows, as she identifies Florida friendly plants that will thrive in your home landscape. The group will gather at the MCA at 9:30 am. To sign up, please email meadowsgarden334@gmail.com for a reservation.  Enjoy the view.

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