MCA Documents

Governing Documents

The Meadows Community Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation established by Taylor Woodrow under the laws of the State of Florida and was envisioned well before the first home was built. Each property owner in The Meadows automatically becomes a member of The Meadows Community Association, Inc. (MCA) which operates as the Master Association to all single-family homes and all associations and business facilities with The Meadows.

MCA 2023 Financial Statements

An owner whose unit is part of a condominium or a homeowners’ association is responsible for compliance with the “Declaration of Condominium” or the “Declaration of Restrictions” for their association. All unit owners within an association and all single-family homeowners must comply with the governing documents of The Meadows as well. All of these documents are legally binding and have been recorded with Sarasota County.

Individual associations are responsible for maintaining their own governing documents, recording amendments or restatements as required. The individual association documents provided on this website reflect the latest documents provided by each association to the MCA. Users are advised to contact the management company or volunteer leaders of their respective association to verify that these are the current and complete documents.

MCA Master Association Documents

MCA Master Association







Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation


 Amendments to the Bylaws


Condominiums and HOAs

Condominium  and Incorporated HOA Documents & Property Management

PLEASE NOTE: To the best of our knowledge, the links on this page contain the documents of each incorporated association in The Meadows. The documents are recorded with the Clerk of the Court for Sarasota County by each Association.

*If you would like to join the voluntary organization of Single Family Homeowner, please contact MHOA at Membership is $15 a year or $25 for two years.

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