Our Staff

MCA Staff

The number one priority for MCA staff members is to assure that their interactions with residents reflect the mission and vision of the MCA and convey the spirit of community that is so much a part of our lives at The Meadows. Residents come first. We want to make it easy for you to contact the MCA and to get the help you may need so we have provided you with information about our staff and what they do to help familiarize yourself with our team’s areas of responsibility and expertise.

Frances Rippcondi-General Manager (fourth from left), Mike Mazur-Director, Administration and Community Relations (second from left), Tia Calomeris -Director, Marketing and Communications (first from right), Rachel Penico-Lifestyle Coordinator (first from left), Lisa Compton-Administrative Accountant (third from left), Sandy Truman-Community Standards Administrator (third from right), Al Ballentyne-Maintenance (second from right), Debbie Lord-Receptionist (fifth from left.)

General Manager

Frances, the General Manager of The Meadows is a licensed Community Association Manager. She has more than 20 years of experience designing high-end communities focused on state-of-the- art amenities and design excellence. Frances’ leadership and strategic thinking allows her to assist the Board in carrying out The Meadows Renaissance plan. She oversees the beautification plans, collaborates with the MCA/TMCC Strategic Committee  and works with architectural and engineering firms to implement The Meadows vision. Frances utilizes her management skills in guiding her staff, providing them with the tools they need to implement MCA strategies while creating an environment where new ideas and approaches are welcome.

Director, Administration and Community Relations

Mike is the liaison between The Meadows Community Association, Condominium/Homeowners Associations and committees of the Board. He is actively engaged in Human Resources, administrative and accounting functions for the MCA. Mike is responsible for tracking legal documents and records management.

Director, Marketing and Communications

Tia Calomeris defines and implements the marketing and communication strategies supporting our long-term planning. She is The Editor-In-Chief and creative director of The Meadoword, engaged in direct revenue responsibilities for advertising of the publication,  manages the governance of the website along with content development and update. She defines branding/messaging, supports the community with digital and traditional print materials and is the Chair of The Communications Committee.

Lifestyle Coordinator

Rachel is responsible for development and implementation the Lifestyle Program for The Meadows, daily community digital and in person communications of MCA Activities, inclusive of our Facebook platform.  She is the point person for The Meadows activities and addresses all questions pertaining to activities, social groups and clubs’ structure while fostering beneficial community-wide relationships.

Administrative Accountant

Lisa administers all financial transactions for the MCA including; assessments, payroll and Accounts Payable/Receivable. She works with the Finance Committee, is responsible for updating our contact database, advertising contracts, parking/boat lot storage fees, warranty deeds and estoppel fees.

Community Standards Administrator

Sandy oversees the operations of buildings, grounds and maintenance for The Meadows Community Association common areas while ensuring that the improvements, beautification, standards and regulations of the MCA is being implemented. She works closely with the Maintenance and Standards Committees resulting in the beautification of our grounds and many properties coming into compliance. Sandy builds strong relationships with residents finding creative solutions to challenges regarding architectural review and supporting residents in their desires to improve their properties.



Al spends his days repairing, painting, trimming and fixing our community’s extensive infrastructure as well as focusing on preventative maintenance and keeping The Meadows beautiful. Our Maintenance Committee and staff identify issues, prioritize work, set standards and make recommendations. Its al who solves the problems.


Debbie welcomes our Meadows’ residents as they enter the front lobby of the building. She manages our volume of phone calls, helps with questions and residents looking for assistance on a variety of requests. If she is unable to answer your question, Debbie will be able to direct residents to the proper contact person. Debbie also works on special projects for the MCA.

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