Our Brand

The Meadows brand is our reputation, a first impression that will last in the minds of those who come through The Meadows. It tells them what to expect and who we are. The community’s unique qualities and personality to make a memorable impression on those who visit, purchase or live in The Meadows.

Our brand:

  • CELEBRATES our heritage and reflects the vision of Lord Frank Taylor;
  • HONORS the open land that we all value;
  • RESPECTS the name that was given to us;
  • REVEALS a new beginning to the future.

The grass celebrates the open land we all value and the natural beauty of The Meadows, the golf courses, the mature landscaping, and beautiful vistas that are the catalyst to gather and enjoy the enriched social lifestyle that is a large part of our community.

The styling of our name demonstrates The Meadows as current, fresh and modern with a casual sophistication that embraces growth. Our name defines who we are by its definition: Meadow–an open habitat, or field, vegetated by grass.

These elements echo our developer’s original vision, and what our community values as most important. Our revitalization efforts and attention to the land has made us ecologically responsible, united us in our vision for the future and strengthened us for growth. Our new logo celebrates, honors and respects those unique qualities we define as The Meadows.

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