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A Vision Becomes The Meadows

Our Roots


Origin of the Name “Sarasota.”

Legend connects it with Sara, reputedly the daughter of the conquistador, DeSoto. Others have theorized the name may have originated with an Indian word, “sara-se-cota,” meaning a landfall easily observed. Maps in the 1700’s showed the area as “Porte Sarasote” and “Sarazota”. It is also said a fishing camp and Indian trading post at the end of Longboat Key was called “Saraxota.”

Sarasota was incorporated as a town on October 14, 1902. To discover more about Sarasota History visit the History & Preservation Coalition of Sarsasota County.


Frank Taylor, Baron Taylor of Hadfield—Born in Hadfield, near Glossop in Derbyshire, England. By age 11, he was operating his father’s fruit business. The family moved to Blackpool.


Frank Taylor founded Taylor Woodrow at the age of 16. He began a housing business in Blackpool, England when a local banker agreed to lend him £400 pounds. This, along with some family capital, Taylor began his career by building a house for his family. The banker required an adult to be a part of the enterprise, so his uncle Jack Woodrow was added. The company became known as Taylor Woodrow.


Frank Taylor is instrumental in the acquisition of the property in NW Sarasota known as the Newburn Ranch, which today is The Meadows.

The same year, Frank Taylor of Hadfield was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.


NOV 14—Sarasota County approved The Meadows development. Frank Taylor begins his unique vision known as The Meadows. His concept of selling a lifestyle, where you live where you play, and where the good times roll, would be the slogan of his new development. From 1974 to 1995 the development gained increased demand and a variety of homes were built; condos, single-family homes, garden homes ranging from $30K to $500K. His vision was progressive, a diverse community where open space and quality of life was at its center.


Tayor Woodrow’s dream of a diverse community would evolve around the idea of TEAMWORK, and would be an integral basis of our core values today, a sense of community and a spirit of volunteerism.


The first Meadows Management Company was initiated.

DEC—The Meadows Golf Course was designed by Frank Duane of McGrath Associates. Frank Duane had been the chief designer for Robert Trent Jones for many years. The course was built by The Wadsworth Company.


FEB 19—The first home in Woodmans Chart closed on, just 15 months after Sarasota County Commissioners approved The Meadows. The proud owners were Bill and Doris Eiseman.

The first Annual meeting of the Board of Directors took place. David Nash, President, PG Slough, Arthur C. Sayers—Vice President and Secretary, George A. Dietz, George Cogswell, Treasurers.

The tennis facility’s first 3 Har-Tru courts were built. First Tennis Pro was employed.


The clubhouse was built.

The Meadows Golf Course changed as the Planned Unit Development (PUD) progressed and was in demand. The front 9 of the Meadows is now the back 9 of The Highlands.


Early 1980s Taylor Woodrow Homes acquired 129.10 acres on the west side of Longmeadow. This property was developed as a second PUD and was managed by Highland Management Association.


The Meadows Citizens Patrol was formed (300 hours of volunteerism).

Taylor Woodrow purchases The Dickens Restaurant, formally known as the Copperfield Inn, (currently known as The Dickens Fitness Center) and becomes part of The Meadows Country Club.

The Meadows exceeded expectations and the original 18-hole course expanded to another 9 holes to meet the demand.


1982-1985 More new tennis courts were added to the Tennis complex totaling 17 total courts.

Taylor Woodward began plans for an additional 9 holes of golf on what was originally known as the Meadows course. This was designed and constructed by Taylor Woodrow. This new course construction would be
known as The Highlands course.


The first Meadoword was published as a 4-page, black-and-white publication that contained no ads.


JAN—The Highlands 18 hole
course opens.

Meadows Manage-ment worked with the Florida State Legislature and on July 1 the Northeast Fire Station assumed responsibility for the entire Meadows community.


Grand opening of the Tennis Facility


The Groves, a par-65 course, opened for play.

The Meadoword expanded to 8 pages and ads were introduced.


Country Club Sale Agreement Reached.

Major League Baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 1000th consecutive game, later in 1995 played his 2131st consecutive game, eclipsing the record of the legendary Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig. Ripken’s consecutive game streak finally ended at 2632 games on September 20, 1998.


The Sarasota-Bradenton Airport opens.
November 15 Meadoword issue.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the
World Wide Web in 1989.


The Meadows was turned over to its members.


MAY—The Meadows Community Association (MCA) was chosen as one of America’s 99 Best Private Communities across 26 states.


Voter Precinct 115 in The Meadows had an 85% voter turnout (shown is the automatic voting machine.)


MCA petitions Sarasota County to privatize Longmeadow and Hadfield Drive.

Butterfly Garden by Butterfly Lake was started by Virginia Johnson.

Kobernick House (now known as Aviva) was dedicated.

Bob Maebus introduced recycling to Sarasota County and The Meadows.


Lord Frank Taylor dies at the age of 90. A visionary and renowned developer of The Meadows. His vision lives on.

The last home on Wrenwood Ct was sold before the developer turned The Meadows over to its residents. Bill and Kathy Hones were the owners.

MARCH—MCA library opens.


Fitness Trail maps undergoes a renovation.

Entrance sign at Honore Avenue and Longmeadow is installed.

New street signs were installed.

New logo with Heron is officially adopted by Board.


The Meadows celebrates its 25th Anniversary. (get a picture of the logo designed for this)


*3rd annual traffic survey by Meadows volunteers. Owners/ Resident Survey done.

*The Meadoword February 2002

SIPOC—Sarasota Interstate Park of Commerce finally approves Benderson Development’s University Town Center.


Construction begins on the new MCA Community Building and by 2005 MCA moves into the new MCA Community Building.


Construction of Pickleball Courts begin (Meadoword, November 2014 get image). Courts were completed in December.

The Mall at University Town Center, developed by Benderson Development, opens.

*The Meadoword November/December 2014 issues, November/December 2015 issues.


Property values become a major concern as The Meadows Country Club (TMCC) sees a significant drop in memberships within the community from 80% to 20%. *Ideas begin to float about development options regarding country club land. The word REZONING enters the landscape in November/December 2014.

*The Meadoword January 2017 and June 2017 issue.

Pluto New Horizons mission to Pluto revealed the presence of ice-mountains and two new moons, Kerbveros and Styx.



NASA confirms the presence of water on Mars.


MCA conducts a Community Survey to gather data for guidance on areas of importance to the community for long-term planning.


REZONING – *Rezoning applications deemed complete by Sarastoa County. A hearing was scheduled February 2017. Meadows Country Club signs agreement with a developer to build up to 180 new units. MCA Board votes not to move forward at its May Board meeting.


The Meadows Renaissance Begins

The Meadows Community Association and The Meadows Country Club enter a strategic partnership to preserve the green space and future of the community. Signing this agreement serves to preserve the sprawling neighborhood’s three golf courses as well as the purchase of the land and buildings to lease back to the country club. The club will be operated by Billy Casper.


SEPT—The Meadows new branding is adopted and applied to The Meadoword and other MCA materials.

Meadoword undergoes a complete transformation based on Reader Satisfaction Survey, and debuts its new look in the September issue.

New 17th street entrance construction begins and is completed late fall of the same year.


Renaissance Access Plan is implemented and rolled out to the community.

COVID-19 World Pandemic breaks out. In March businesses close, MCA closes the community center and works remotely . Extension of closing and a phased plan continues through September.

MCA and TMCC Strategic Planning Committee adopts new logo and branding for TMCC for one cohesive look representing a united voice within The Meadows.

A change in the management of TMCC is made. ICON steps in.

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