Pickleball Is Peaking

Exciting News of Pickeball Expansion
With the fast-growing interest in pickleball within our community, MCA has created a new committee, devoted to Pickleball. Ned Boston leads the committee as chair. Ned has assembled his team of volunteers from the community and from the Tennis/Pickleball Department within The Meadows Country Club. They will be collaborating with MCA management and Curt Reimer, who manages the Pickleball scheduling as well as conducting clinics and lessons.

The pickleball courts are owned by The Meadows Community Association (MCA) and operated by The Meadows Country Club (TMCC) for the enjoyment of Renaissance Cardholders and TMCC Members.

The Project
Plans to renovate The Meadows Community Association’s Sports Field will include the construction of two pickleball courts, adjacent to the existing courts. MCA General Manager Frances Rippcondi is managing the construction project and the MCA Pickleball Committee will continue to provide feedback and recommendations.

Project Status Update

We are still working to receive a permit to allow the building of two additional pickleball courts adjacent to the current courts.

In response to our submission of the permit application package, county staff raised some issues relating to storm water remediation and compliance with the county landscaping code. In response to the storm water questions, our engineer provided some additional data and calculations that was shared with the county. We have engaged a company who will be providing a landscaping plan for our engineer to submit to the county.

After a number of discussions with county staff, they sent us some possible options to consider. We are analyzing the suggested options to decide the best course of action. The county has now forwarded a variance application to us and we are in the process of working through that application.

The process hasn’t been as quick as we might hope, but be assured we are continuing to move forward to secure the permit.

Ned Boston, Chair
MCA Pickleball Committee

Pickleball Policy Change Notification
Through the collaboration with the Pickleball Committee and the Meadows Country Club, thoughtful consideration has been given to current Pickleball play policies.

Pickleball Players can now book two 1-hour court times per day. You may book your court times back-to-back, or at different times of the day. (You can play more than this but can only have your name listed on two reservations per day.) Open courts can be booked up to one hour before your desired time. When making your reservation, please continue to enter all players’ names into your bookings and your guests’ full names when playing with guests. This will go into effective immediately.

Together we continue to enhance our Pickleball Play experience here at The Meadows.

The full Policies page can be found on the CourtReserve App, The MCA Website, The Meadows Country Club Website and posted at the Pickleball Courts. If you need help with the CourtReserve App, please contact me at creimer@theiconteam.com.

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Updated Pickleball Reservation Policies

You must be a Meadows Renaissance Access Cardholder or a Current Meadows Country Club Member to use the pickleball courts and the CourtReserve reservation system. Court times can be reserved online (using the CourtReserve App) up to one week in advance beginning at 6:00 AM. Open courts can be booked up until one hour before your desired time. You can book TWO 1-hour court times per day. (You can play more than this but can only have your name listed on two reservations per day.) Please list all players in your booking (up to four names). Please do not list players that are not actually playing with you. For singles play, choose “Singles Player” from the player list for your third and fourth players. Unreserved courts are available for play on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests are allowed any time except in Open Play. Guests should be listed by name on your court bookings. Play is not recommended when the courts are wet.

Guest Polices

Due to the number of players on hand, guests are not allowed at the Open-Play Sessions (between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM). Guests are allowed to play with TMCC or Renaissance Access Card Holders during reserved court times. Always list your guests’ full names on your court bookings. There are currently no guest fees.

Daily Open Play

Open Play is held every morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. To minimize congestion, guests are currently not allowed at Open Play. Also to minimize congestion, we suggest that less-experienced players play in the first half of the session (until 10:30 AM) and more-experienced players play after 10:30 AM.

Clinics & Lessons

Weekly Beginner & Advanced-Beginner Clinics are currently offered on Monday     afternoons. Sign-ups for clinics can be made through CourtReserve. Private clinics and lessons are available year-round based on court availability and can be arranged by contacting the MCC Head Tennis/Pickleball Professional Simona Horsikyan at 941-378-5265 or shorsikyan@theiconteam.com.

Assistance with Court Reserve

For assistance with CourtReserve, please call the Tennis Pro Shop at 941-378-5265 during shop hours or contact TMCC Director of Tennis/Pickleball Curt Reimer at creimer@theiconteam.com.




MCA has created a New Pickleball Committee.Ned Boston has been selected as Committee Chair.  Tom Pound is the MCA Board Liaison.  Curt Reimer, Tennis and Pickleball Pro at TMCC who also manages CourtReserve, will provide valuable expertise and represent TMCC.

Joining Ned, Tom and Curt on this committee are Ros Stafford, Gery Baar, Cheri Nugent, Kate Debevoise and Chris Perrone.


The Pickleball Committee will be chaired by a member of the Community and be appointed by the President of the MCA Board of Directors.  The Pickleball Courts are owned by The Meadows Community Association (MCA) and operated by The Meadows Country Club (TMCC) for the enjoyment of Renaissance Access Cardholders and TMCC members.  The Committee will have a Board Liaison also appointed by the President of the Board of Directors.

The Committee members will be comprised of volunteers from the Community and from the Tennis/Pickleball Department within The Meadows Country Club.  

The purpose of the Committee is to support the sport of Pickleball at The Meadows for all members of the community and  TMCC Members.

Specific actions of the Committee include:

  • Recruit committee members to volunteer annually.
  • Develop fundraising campaign to collect funds to be applied toward building 2 new courts adjacent to the current courts and owned by the MCA and operated by TMCC.
  • Provide input on construction of two new courts adjacent to the current courts owned by the MCA and operated by TMCC.
  • Work collaboratively with TMCC and MCA to develop, publish and implement rules and regulations, and other important Pickleball procedures.
  • Educate the community on the availability of clinics, lessons and other Pickleball activities and events.
  • Represent the Pickleball community’s requests to the Board and vice versa through frequent communications.
  • Share feedback, ideas and experiences with TMCC management for future considerations.
  • Make recommendations to the Manager of the MCA and the Board of Directors for final approval and implementation.

May 2023


Skill Levels

Understanding skill levels helps you identify skills you may want to improve.

Player Ratings below are from USA Pickleball (USAP).  For even greater details, download the Skill Assessment from USAP.

1.0 to 2.0  Novice / Beginner

This player is just starting to play pickleball and has no other sports background. Minimal understanding of rules of the game.

2.5  Advanced Beginner

This player has limited experience. Can sustain a short rally with players of equal ability. Basic ability to keep score.

3.0  Intermediate
   •  Download 3.0 Skill Assessment

FOREHAND:  Ability to hit a medium paced shot. Lacks directional intent and consistency.
BACKHAND:  Avoids using a backhand. Lacks directional intent and consistency.
SERVE / RETURN:  Able to hit a medium paced shot. Lacks depth, direction, and consistency.
DINK:  Not able to consistently sustain a dink rally. Not yet developed the ability to control this shot.
3RD SHOT: Generally hits a medium paced ball with little direction.
VOLLEY:  Able to hit a medium paced shot. Lacks direction/inconsistent.
STRATEGY:  Understands fundamentals. Is learning proper court positioning. Knows the fundamental rules and can keep score and is now playing tournaments.

3.5  Advanced Intermediate
   •  Download 3.5 Skill Assessment

FOREHAND:  Improved stroke development with moderate level of shot control.
BACKHAND:  Learning stroke form and starting to develop consistency but will avoid if possible.
SERVE / RETURN: Consistently gets serve/return in play with limited ability to control depth.
DINK:  Increased consistency, with limited ability to control height/depth. Sustains medium length rallies.  Starting to understand variations of pace.
3RD SHOT:  Developing the drop shot in a way to get to the net.
VOLLEY:  Is able to volley medium paced shots thereby developing control.
STRATEGY:  Moves quickly towards the non-volley zone (NVZ) when opportunity is there. Acknowledges difference between hard game and soft game and is starting to vary own game during recreation and tournament play. Can sustain short rallies. Is learning proper court positioning. Basic knowledge of stacking and understands situations where it can be effective.

4.0  Advanced
   •  Download 4.0 Skill Assessment

FOREHAND:  Consistently hits with depth and control. Is still perfecting shot selection and timing.
BACKHAND:  Has improved stroke mechanics and has moderate success at hitting a backhand consistently.
SERVE / RETURN:  Places a high majority of serves/returns with varying depth and speed.
DINK:  Increased consistency with moderate ability to control height/depth. May end dink rally too soon due to lack of patience. Is beginning to understand difference between attackable balls and those that are not.
3RD SHOT:  Selectively mixing up soft shots with power shots to create an advantage with inconsistent results.
VOLLEY:  Able to volley a variety of shots at different speeds. Is developing consistency and control. Starting to understand the block/re-set volley.
STRATEGY:  Aware of partner’s position on the court and is able to move as a team. Demonstrates ability to change direction in an offensive manner. Demonstrates a broad knowledge of the rules of the game. Has a moderate number of unforced errors per game. Solid understanding of stacking and when and how it could be used in match play. Beginning to identify opponents weaknesses and attempts to formulate game plan to attack weaknesses. Beginning to seek out more competitive play.

4.5   Advanced
   •  Download 4.5 Skill Assessment

FOREHAND:  High level of consistency. Uses pace and depth to generate opponents’ error or set up next shot.
BACKHAND:  Can effectively direct the ball with varying depth and paces with good consistency.
SERVE / RETURN:  Serves with power, accuracy, and depth and can also vary the speed and spin of the serve.
DINK:  Ability to place ball with high success at changing shot types while playing both consistently and with offensive intent. Recognizes and attempts to hit attackable dinks.
3RD SHOT:  Consistently executes effective 3rd shot strategies that are not easily returned for advantage. Able to intentionally and consistently place the ball.
VOLLEY:  Able to block hard volleys directed at them and can consistently drop them into the NVZ. Comfortable hitting swinging volleys. Hits overhead shots consistently, often as putaways.
STRATEGY:  Has good footwork and moves laterally, backward, and forward well. Uses weight transfer for more efficient footwork. Able to change direction with ease. Very comfortable playing at the non-volley zone. Communicates and moves well with partner — easily “stacks” court positions. Understands strategy and can adjust style of play and game plan according to the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and court position. Limited number of unforced errors.

5.0  Expert
   •  Download 5.0 Skill Assessment

FOREHAND | BACKHAND | SERVE / RETURN:  Hits all shot types at a high level of ability from both the forehand and backhand sides including: touch, spin, and pace with control to set up offensive situations. Has developed good touch from all court positions. Has developed a very high level of variety, depth, and pace of serves.
DINK:  Mastered the dink and drop shots. Ability to move opponents with shot placements. Exhibits patience during rallies with the ability to create an opportunity to attack utilizing the dink. Increased ability to change the pace of dinks strategically.
3RD SHOT:  Mastered the 3rd shot choices and strategies to create opportunities for winning points. Able to drop and drive ball from both the forehand and backhand side with high level of consistency.
VOLLEY:  Able to block hard volleys directed at them and consistently drop them into the NVZ. Places overheads with ease for winners. Able to volley shots toward opponents feet consistently. Comfortable with swinging volley in both initiating and ability to attack back or neutralize return.
STRATEGY:  Mastered pickleball strategies and can vary strategies and styles of play in competitive or tournament matches. Is successful at turning defensive shots into offensive shots. Has efficient footwork and effective use of weight transfer for improved quickness on the court. Easily and quickly adjusts style of play and game plan according to the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and court position. Rarely makes unforced errors.

5.5+  Expert

This player is a top caliber player. Performance and tournament wins speak for this player’s ability to consistently perform at a high level.

Building Construction Archive

Building Construction Archive

Cone icon
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 4/24/22 ‐
See the latest drone footage showing the progress of the roof and parking lot.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 4/9/22 ‐
Tour our Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility’s progress with the latest drone footage.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 4/2/22 ‐
All exterior block walls are up, interior wall are in progress roof decking and waterproofing is completed, site grading has been done.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 1/2/22 ‐
Block walls progress
MCA – Wellness Ctr 010222_0.mp4 – Google Drive
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 1/15/22 ‐
Block walls are up.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility-Drone footage 11/7 –
Foundation work, grading, and footers dug.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Drone footage 11/20 ‐
Foundation work continues with stem wall.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 12/4 ‐
Foundation work continues with stem wall and block begins.
The Meadows Community Lifestyle and Wellness Facility Session 12/18 ‐
Block walls progress



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