APRIL 8, COVID-vaccines continue to be available at MCA. MCA holds 3 vaccine clinics to support residents’ health. Over 175 participated in each clinic held.

2021 June 10 — The Groundbreaking of The New Meadows Community Lifestyle & Wellness Facility marks a new chapter for The Meadows. Years of long-term planning are now a reality. The facility will serve the meeting needs of the Board of Directors, Assembly of Property Owners, Committees, 52 sub-associations along with MCA’s programming of Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Safety, Continued Education Arts & Culture and Special Events. A portion of the facility will house the Fitness Center, which is leased to the Country Club.

The Facility will be managed under the leadership of The Meadows Community Association

Malcolm Hay-Former MCA Board Vice President, and Long-Term Planning Chair, Frances Rippcondi-MCA General Manager, Joe Formella-Owner, Formella Construction, Claire Coyle-Former MCA Board President, Fernando Viteri-MCA Board Treasurer, Mark Pienkos-MCA Board of Directors, Bob Clark-MCA Board Vice President, Susan Gaynor-MCA Board of Directors, Paul Easley-MCA Board of Directors, Jan Lazar-MCA Board President, Marilyn Maleckas-MCA Board Secretary, Dr. Bart Levenson-Former MCA Board of Directors, Chris Joiner-Owner, Joiner Architecture LLC, Travis Fedderman-Principal Engineer, Stantec Engineering


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